Autotask PSA API User

Now we will create the API User that will be used to connect ChatStyle to Autotask.

From the main Autotask menu, select Admin and then Account Settings and Users. Expand the section of the page that is labeled Resources/Users (HR) and select the Resources/Users link.

Hover over the New button dropdown and select the New API User menu item. This will open a new page where we can enter the information about the API User. You can name the user something descriptive.

Select the drop down for Security Level and select the new security level we created in the previous step.

In the section labeled Credentials, use the Generate Key and Generate Secret buttons to create new secure credentials for the API user. Copy these values temporarily so that we will be able to enter them into the ChatStyle connector setup.

In the section labeled API Tracking Identifier, select Integration Vendor and choose ChatStyle from the list of integration vendors.

You can now save the new user. Next, we will create a connector in ChatStyle that will use this API User to communicate with Autotask.

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